Web App Development Using Augmented Reality Technology

MagRabbit predicts a promising future for Web Application Development using Augmented Reality Technology.

As you have known, Google and Wikipedia are two of the most effective search engines in providing information about almost anything in the world. However, these kinds of tools can work only if you give them a keyword to help you search for the item of interest. So, the question is how can you get information about an object in front of you when you don’t know what it is? That is why information technology world has given birth to Augmented Reality (AR) – an ideal technology for modern life.

What is AR? What can we do with it?

AR is defined as a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or  GPS data. This technology increases the interaction and digital manipulation of information about everything in the real world.

The AR technology is deeply integrating into the smart device revolution denoting the whole world. When using smartphones or tablets with AR I’m sure you often amazed by its applications in different fields. Star Walk, Google Glass, Zugara and Blippar mentioned below are some typical examples of the AR applications that are being interested in most often today.

If you are keen on astronomy, Star Walk will bring you a fantastic experience. Simply pointing your iPhone or iPad to the night sky, the universe with constellations, the solar system, stars, and satellites together with their extensive information will be shown on your screen. For instance, to know about a certain object, you just tap it on the screen then its name will appear at the bottom of the screen in the center. Another screen with further information on that object will be opened when you tap it one more time. Now the next generation of Star Walk is Star Walk 2 – an innovated universal application with an all-new stunning design and incredible 3D models of celestial bodies. You can refer to Wiki link, mythology information as well as view full-screen series of gallery pictures with this application.

Meanwhile, Google shows its power with Google Glass – a wearable technology using a touchpad and a natural language voice command support. Let your fingers swipe along with the touchpad on the right side of the glasses to find out what you want on the menu. Objects on the screen will move in the direction that your fingers are moving and you can tap any of them to see the additional details. Once you tap an object continuously, its information will be shown in more and more subsequent detail. You can also control the Google Glass by voice commands. Instead of tapping the touchpad, you can tell this device to do what you demand through a microphone on the glasses. Now, taking a photo, recording a video, sending a message, getting a direction, etc. becomes simpler and easier when you say “ok glass” and then you can tell it the action you require. For example, this tool will take a picture of what you are looking at as soon as you say “ok glass, take a picture”.

Other AR platform, Zugara is known as an interactive marketing agency with a smart shopping application facilitating customers to try on clothing virtually. By your webcam, this application will detect where you are standing as well as adjust the position of the clothes, so you just move your arms above your head to select any item through the variety of options.

Last but not least, businesses can get benefits from Blippar’s application – an efficient marketing tool to publicize information including brand name, features of products, Facebook/Twitter’s address as the device targets the goods’ packaging. All above examples show the promising future of AR which is expected to bring practical applications over all aspects from industry, military, medicines to education, e-commerce, etc. changing the world in how we view and review technology online.

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