What are onsite/ offsite, onshore/offshore, hybrid/dual models?

With the scalability of our onshore, offshore/nearshore resources, MagRabbit’s hybrid model balance the technology and practices of the client to deliver a sizeable value proposition to our clients.

If you don’t work in IT or technology fields, you may not really understand what is offshore or nearshore means. There are even some other terms such as onsite/ offsite, onshore/offshore, hybrid/dual models. Let’s all see the explanation below and see why you should choose MagRabbit as your outsourcing software company in Austin, US.

Onshore/Onsite Model = Near but expensive

Fundamentally, onshore/onsite software development model is an outsourcing option that is the nearest to your place.

In general, onshore/onsite software development model is working with outsourcing companies that are located in your area. The advantages of onshore software development model are that you can work with native teams and have no problem with communication. However, the cost is a huge disadvantage for this option, a US developer cost you at least about 5000USD/ month. However, high cost does not always guarantee an adequate result. Offshore and nearshore development model cost much less and may bring you the same or even better result.

Offshore/Offsite = inexpensive, flexibility but difficult to work virtually

Offshore/offsite software development model is outsourcing teams from abroad, far from your place.

The core advantage of this model is the reasonable expense.

The disadvantages of this model are the lack of direct communication, the culture and time-zone difference. However, today’s technology can help direct meeting through Skype or Zoom and solve all the problems through lots of solutions.

It’s important to make sure the project architecture quality is high and the standard of the result is right because there are a lot of cases where offshore model locates in a country that the standard is low. Therefore, you should consider your choice and choose an experienced company which can consult you from the beginning to the end and that will help you out of risk and troubles.

Nearshore model = affordable, near and frequent visit

Nearshore software development model is an outsourcing team from neighbor countries. For example, you live and work in the EU and you have a team in the US, or you live in Canada and have a team in the US or Mexico, vice versa. Nearshore outsourcing saves some cost over onshore and adds benefits of more frequent site visits than offshore.

However, it’s not really the best choice because you actually just choose the average cost option, a medium choice, it feels safe but so so. I bet that you can still find a better choice with more reasonable cost, excellence service, and high-quality result by checking it out below.

Hybrid/Dual model = super flexible and cover all the disadvantages.

Hybrid/Dual software development model is the mixing of 2 or 3 of the models above, depends on the condition of the projects, they may have all kind of teams: onshore/onsite, offshore/offsite or nearshore/nearsite to provide whatever customer wants. That’s what MagRabbit is aiming for and we are going to provide our customers whatever they want. For now, we have teams offshore in Vietnam and team onshore in the US.

This flexible model can cover all the disadvantages and also give you more than you expected. MagRabbit hybrid model brings our clients the highest quality software with all the benefits of a global cost structure.

MagRabbit design, develop and delivers your product on time with amazing quality and under budget. We have a 24/7 team working for you, 200% production guarantee. MagRabbit has always improved and gotten better for about 30 years since 1990. Give us a chance to try to please you!

A solution for timezone different in offshore is that you can hire 2 offshore teams and 1 onshore with different timezone, then you will have 3 teams working all time, none-stop. For example, you are in Austin, you can hire a team in Viet Nam and a team in India then a team in the US; that’s quite an ideal plan but still, need a lot of effort to comply. MagRabbit can help you with anything you want, just contact us as soon as you can.


MagRabbit has offices in Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio, USA & Hue and DaNang, Vietnam. We offer a hybrid model of outsourcing which includes onshore, nearshore, and offshore. Our model brings our clients the highest quality software with all the benefits of a global cost structure.

If you’re looking for a company in Austin, US to outsource your software project and there are so many options for such an important choice, you can try MagRabbit for free consultant and then make your decision easier!

Thank you for reading and take an interest in us!


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