2001 Diverse Supplier of the Year Award (Dell Corporation)

Tommy Hodinh received MBE of the Diverse of the Year Award from the Founder and CEO Michael Dell (Middle) and Fred Montoya Vice President of Supply Chain (Left)

MagRabbit received MBE of the year award from Dell Inc. at the Dell Global Suppliers Event.

Each Dell Inc. gives one prestige MBE of the Year Award to the best Minority Business Enterprise who is the supplier of Dell Inc.

MagRabbit is honored to be referenced as a Dell Technologies Diverse Supplier.

“Dell team members come from all walks of life – with different nationalities, races, gender identities and religions. No matter their background, our workers are valued, respected, and celebrated. Diversity and inclusion play a key role in our culture, which is why we develop relationships with suppliers that reflect our values.

Dell develops strategic, sustainable relationships with a very diverse group of qualified suppliers. Our customers come from every nation, culture, and walk of life, and it’s important that all aspects of our business reflect that same diversity.”  Michael Dell — CEO and Chairman

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