Legacy Modernization

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Reasons why Legacy Systems (Cobol/ DB2) need to be rewritten

  • Increased security risks
  • Inefficient, unstable and incompatible issues
  • No mobile capabilities
  • Excessive hardware use
  • High cost on employee training, operation, support and maintenance
  • Lack of flexibility and cannot keep up with business growth
  • Lack of information, support and skills

Migration of legacy systems to distributed Java applications

Why Java
  • Platform Independence
  • Enterprise Application Development Support
  • Speed in Application Development
  • Enterprise Application Integration Support

High level Application Architecture layers

Migration Process

  • Conduct a SWOT Analysis
  • Define Migration Strategy
  • Identify Migration Roadmap
  • Rewrite Application
  • Migrate Data
  • Build Application to new operating system & database
  • Retire Legacy Application
  • Support Maintenance

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