Legacy COBOL/DB2 Modernization

The situation of COVID epidemic makes a lot of changes in the old system, the demand for Cobol jobs is high, but it is difficult to recruit old system engineers, so the need to move to new tech is very obvious.

Convert COBOL to JAVA

You can’t resist upgrading COBOL to JAVA for more market possibilities and raising productivity in this cutting edge of the industry. With the modernization of your mainframe framework with simple and trouble-free COBOL conversion services, MagRabbit will help you bring consistency and scalability to your company. Our migration services from COBOL to JAVA support businesses to improve their operations by changing their frameworks.

Why COBOL to JAVA migration?

COBOL is one of the oldest programming languages. Most of the corporations’ legacy system had been historically focused on COBOL programming and most firms encountered difficulties when upgrading their COBOL framework to incorporate shifts in regulatory standards and market needs.

A big problem with the COBOL program is that it’s too difficult to manage. Since the new software isn’t consistent with old systems, businesses can’t standardize their technologies using COBOL. It is the key explanation that more and more companies move from COBOL to JAVA.

Our professionals at MagRabbit use a customer-oriented strategy, so we can satisfy all of the business needs. Our team members have over five years of Java code development migration experience, and they still consider a creative approach to complex problems.

Why Choose MagRabbit?

  • Quick Access.
  • Improve Job Prospects.
  • Minimize Long Time Phase.
  • Raise Accountability.
  • Improve Market Growth.
  • Raise Company Versatility & Scalability.
  • Fast Workforce Delivery.
  • Decrease Transaction Expense.
  • Higher Usability.
  • Quick Shop and Modernized Applications and Devices.

COBOL Migration Services that MagRabbit Offer

MagRabbit offers both COBOL application migration as well as COBOL migration to the Cloud.

All COBOL code migration and COBOL migration are provided to the Cloud. Our team of experts will use new technology to modernize the mainframe program. Our system and new technologies will improve the scalability the business looks forward to.

MagRabbit has got an amazing COBOL deployment plan. By adding smart technology to unleash the potential of COBOL systems, we prepare and implement the COBOL program modernization without wasting time in rewriting the language.

MagRabbit has deployment experience and SaaS network power to sell the application into the virtual world. We have a team that knows the markets well, and they will help you with the costs of automation and upgrade your goods. Work with us today to get services with a COBOL migration that will optimize your market potentials.


Cobol To Distributed Platforms Java or Python

In this 20th Century, many FT 100 corporations cannot avoid modernization COBOL to JAVA or Python or .NET for further business opportunities and reduce lag time.


MagRabbit Global Software Services can help in adding flexibility, scalability and low cost to your modernization initiative.

COBOL is one of the oldest languages in programming. Companies started in the 70 bought IBM systems with COBOL/DB2 applications. Companies need to update their COBOL system to reflect changes in regulatory requirements and business needs. One of the significant issues with the COBOL system is that it is too costly to maintain. Using COBOL, companies can’t standardize their technology because the latest software is not compatible with old platforms. This is the main reason companies are switching over from COBOL to JAVA or Python.


Our Domain Expertise and Experience:

  • Migrating COBOL to.Net.
  • Migrating COBOL Database.
  • COBOL Migration to Cloud.
  • Migrating COBOL to Java.
  • Migrating COBOL to Python.
  • Migration COBOL to SQL.
  • DB2 to Oracle…

Our Key Processes are: 

  • Study Cobol source codes.
  • Meeting the end-users.
  • Define old and new functions requirements.
  • Architect Master Solutions with end-users:
  • Design.
  • Code.
  • Test and deploy.

Projects we did and are doing:

  • 2018-2021 for USA Supermarket and Telecom
  • Tracking Damaged parts, Store Part Transferring.
  • Product Attribute change requesting.
  • Retail Grocery Inventory Services and ….

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