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Evolving leadership team guides MagRabbit into next decade

The ability to evolve and constantly embrace new ways to exceed customer expectations has always been a strength for MagRabbit Inc. The firm’s leadership evolution is the latest example. Tanya Pham Hodinh is now in the role of chairwoman and CEO. Aaron Hodinh is now chief customer success officer. Founder Tommy Hodinh has become president and chief operating officer.

Tanya and Tommy started MagRabbit in Austin, Texas, a few months after they married in 1990. This transition in leadership is occurring as the Hodinhs celebrate their 29th wedding anniversary and 29th year in business.

“It is our mission to provide defect-free, full-service software development and managed business services on a global scale,” Tommy Hodinh said. “Having the right team in place is a crucial component to providing customized, quality solutions for the lowest possible cost in a timely manner.”

MagRabbit’s two groups — Global Software Services and Global Supply Chain Management — employ over 250 people worldwide and provide services to more than 300 clients, which include many of America’s top Fortune 1000 corporations.

The company’s customer-focused philosophy has allowed it to easily adapt its business model to the changing needs of its clients, providing products and services on a global scale. In 2005, MagRabbit expanded its services by offering global information technology consulting, and in 2006, launched global software development services to provide affordable offshore software development for its customers. In 2017, MagRabbit launched Global Managed Services LLC to provide business process outsourcing for the U.S. and all Asian countries.

“With nearly three decades of experience in global innovation and cost structure, our highly specialized team has the flexibility to offer customized solutions for our clients on a global scale,” said Tanya Pham Hodinh. “We are constantly reengineering our business services strategy and adapting our business model to the changing needs of our clients on a global scale. This customer-focused philosophy has allowed MagRabbit to reach its [nearly] 30-year milestone.”

Today, MagRabbit is a global company with partnerships that facilitate business alignment, top-notch customer experiences and scalability to create new business opportunities for its customers. The company now includes the divisions of MagRabbit Global Software Services LLC, MagRabbit Dedicated Fleet LLC, MagRabbit AIW LLC, MagRabbit Global Managed Services LLC and an MBE-to-MBE joint venture in 2019 — MagRabbit American Unit LLC.

Recognizing the digitalization of the 21st century, the MagRabbit global software development team provides world-class managed services of consulting, design, build and launch of business and digital products for clients across many industries and sectors. The company specializes in providing enterprise software consulting and development services to Texas-born and -bred Fortune 500 companies such as HEB Grocery Co. LP and Dell Inc., as well as iconic institutions such as The University of Texas.

With over 29 years of experience working with publicly traded companies, MagRabbit’s processes, methodologies and software development cycles are proven, tested and well-documented. They are suitable for any industry, including grocery stores, retail, restaurants, high-tech manufacturing and automotive industries.

With scalability as the primary goal, MagRabbit delivers a sizable value proposition to clients with an 80/20 model of offshore, onshore and nearshore resources. The company mitigates the risk and uncertainty of remote development by providing business analysis and project management control at the client site, while synchronizing the objectives with development teams located in state-of-the-art technology centers in Vietnam and Mexico.

As a leading third-party logistics and fourth-party logistics provider, MagRabbit has an effective and economical approach to identify cost-reduction programs that optimize its clients’ supply chains. MagRabbit’s logistics and product procurement groups in its global supply chain management team provide turnkey solutions with strategic insight and management over an enterprise’s entire supply chain.

MagRabbit has aligned with global strategic partners to provide procurement of raw materials, finished goods and general supplies. The company’s logistic services are world-class, providing end-to-end transportation, warehousing and distribution of client products.

Today, MagRabbit is a corporate and community leader, receiving 18 awards to date from clients such as HEB, Toyota Motor North America and Dell Technologies.

MBN USA Vol. 4, 2019

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