MagRabbit Loves New Creative Tools from Google

Recently Google has been promoting the development of a new design language that is more consistent with web and mobile product interfaces. The new visual language is called “Material Design” and is drawing the attention of a lot of developers. MagRabbit is very eager to explore Google’s Android L, an upcoming mobile operating system using Material Design.

Material Design on Android L will allow developers to create new material themes, 3D views of shadows, floating action buttons, and animation capabilities. Using tactile surfaces, bold graphic design and fluid motion, Android L with new Material Design will allow developers to build more flexible, colorful and attractive apps.

MagRabbit’s developers are excited about the freedom and imagination this new language will unleash as we create new color schemes and styles for apps. Material Design on Android L will provide us with a palette tool and the ability to splash a wide range of ink colors into new material themes for our apps. In fact, this palette can generate a series of colors based on Muted and Vibrant colors in the source asset by default. In addition, Android L introduces new widgets for displaying complex views, providing performance improvements for dynamic views and allowing for the displaying of information inside cards. Android L’s Material Design will be able to calculate the size of elements as well as render 3D views creating the feeling of depth in the interface. MagRabbit is anxiously awaiting the launch of the technology so that we can begin to design naturally dimensional surfaces, bringing exciting new experiences for users.

Android L with Material Design will provide Floating Action Button (FAB) known as a circular icon floating freely on the UI with the capacity of flexible motion. Specifically, FAB can expand into a series of smaller FABs representing the primary action of functionality for each view and it can open a whole new surface. We expect Material Design to provide our apps with a smart interactive FAB with sub-FBAs which may look like a direction of sub-steps for users to access easily. MagRabbit cannot wait to apply such a cool feature to our application development.

Google has claimed that Material Design on Android L will bring new animation APIs for apps featuring changing interfaces. With these APIs, MagRabbit developers will be able to design exciting touch feedback buttons for standard views; new loading spinners; and new rotation locks in the quick setting panel providing amazing new features for our apps as well. In addition to taking advantage of the curved motion feature, we will be able to create more natural animations and view state change for our apps.

Material Design on Android L with responsive UI is an exciting new technology for application developers as it will not only be used on mobile but across the web as well. All in all, this technology ushers in a bright future for Information Technology, supporting developers in general, and the MagRabbit team in particular, to allow more creativity in the development of apps and websites in addition to offering the best software consulting services to our clients.

If you have an interest in developing a project using Material Design and Android L, please share your ideas by contacting us at or +1 (512) 310-9903.