MagRabbit Technology Migration

Migration From Legacy Apps To New Technology Is Our Domain Expertise.

Technology Migration is moving an application from one environment usually old and ineffective to a better one. For one example MagRabbit has experience of migrating an old app of a very old code language Cobol to Java. Types also involve switching from an onsite enterprise server to the environment of a cloud provider or from one cloud to another one.

Application Migration can be complicated because it’s normal that there are differences between the old and new platforms. Moreover, applications are not typically designed to be portable. Applications created on different cloud development platforms such as Windows Azure, Google App Engine and AWS are usually designed to run on the platforms they were coded on. Other aspects like operating systems, management tools, networking infrastructure, storage system and virtual machine (VM) configuration can all be different from the context in which the application was created or deployed.

Successful software migration may involve middleware products to bridge any technological gaps. Cloud migration products are available from vendors including CloudSwitch, Kapow, and Racemi.

Our technique for migration AWS

1. Assess & Analyze

We review the specifications for operations & workloads, software & business logic, database forms, network topology, safety and compliance.

2. Strategy & Roadmap

Our technology architects accredited by AWS help identify the right selection of AWS products established technologies, and design the cloud system’s proper architecture to suit your unique business needs.

3. Proof of Concept

POC architectural design and development of products for AWS with cloud adoption to demonstrate business value.

4. Migrate

  • Build AWS Infrastructure
  • DevOps Automation (CI/CD)
  • Cloud Native Application Development
  • Application & Data Migration

5. Validation & Testing

For each request, server, and workflow, post-migration validation & testing is performed.

6. Operate

  • Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)
  • Next Generation Monitoring Services
  • AWS NOC 24×7 support & incident management
  • Continuous Security Compliance
  • AWS Cost Optimization



Why MagRabbit? 

10 years of proven experience

For over 15 years of fault-tolerant software and scalable architecture, you can depend on us as we can provide you with the best solutions to make your company more efficient.

24/7 Tech Support

Trust us, you can rest and relax. We offer follow-up services for testing, troubleshooting, and answer any questions or problems you may have – for this reason, our specialist support team is available 24/7.

We are flexible

We respond to your needs. And instead of holding the full time, provide you with high-quality dedicated on-demand squad.

Team of experts

Our AWS group – the best qualified and enthusiastic technicians to operate. We are 100% committed to your IT project’s success. We pride ourselves on strong ethics and commitment to every task we pursue.