MagRabbit’s Apache Cordova Cross-Platform App Building Experiences

Customers Benefit From MagRabbit’s Apache Cordova Cross-Platform App Building Experience

Today is an exciting time for mobile app development! A very large number of smartphones and tablets, with different mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, etc are entering the market each day and a great deal of time and effort goes into the challenges of providing various kinds of services and applications across the diversity of these platforms.

One of the most common concerns a startup or entrepreneur must have is finding web developers who are experienced in the latest mobile app technologies. Developers new to the mobile app would have a big learning curve to learn to create native apps for all of the platforms out there. You must have specific skills as well as learn new technologies in order to develop native apps onto different platforms, with changes happening almost daily. It’s no wonder that every developer wants to simplify their studying process and follows an approach that is straightforward. This article explains how MagRabbit works with Apache Cordova for mobile projects.

Apache Cordova is an open source project (previously known as PhoneGap), so its a good choice for mobile developers willing to target multiple mobile platforms with the same code base. Apache Cordova allows access to native functions from JavaScript without touching the native code because it provides a set of uniform JavaScript APIs that give Web apps access to most of the platform resources. Actually, those JavaScript APIs are built on web standards and consistent with multiple device platforms making the app become compatible with less or no change. What this really means is that apps built with Cordova using JavaScript to access a native API can offer user experience at the same level as native apps.

Now Apache Cordova’s architecture is available for thousands of apps on the following platforms: iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, etc. It is also extendable with more than 341 supportive framework plug-ins which enable us to build a perfect program. We can also create our own additional functionality for Cordova and publish it as a plug-in.

However, each technology is invented for one or more of particular categories and not for all cases. Apache Cordova will be a perfect solution for those who just want to build a cross-platform app supporting basic features such as: camera support for adding photo and video, battery status display, contact plug-in, geolocation with latitude and longitude information of the device, file feature for system hierarchies, support for custom keyboards as well as vibration and many more. Otherwise, this architecture should not be applied if you have great demand for graphics performance like game-level responsiveness.

All in all, Apache Cordova brings to developers significant benefits including supporting almost major platforms together with various APIs without requiring their efforts on the programming language. With this approach, we can not only save time writing code and enhance our development efficiency but also save expense when we can download and use it freely without concern about the licensing cost. MagRabbit continues to explore Apache Cordova to discover its usefulness and convenience for our client development projects.

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