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MagRabbit CEO – Tommy Hodinh                  


MagRabbit’s CEO – Mr Tommy Hodinh appears on MBNUS 2018 Minority Chief Executive Officer –Sparking Entrepreneurial Evolution

When Tommy Hodinh started MagRabbit in Austin, Texas, 25 years ago, he knew it was the beginning of great things. However, he had no idea that he was planting his roots in the very place that would soon become a true tech mecca. Fast forward to today, Austin has experienced a tremendous evolution with no signs of slowing down – the growing popularity of SXSW, a noticeable swell in tech jobs and an unwavering on STEM that has served as a model for the rest of the nation.

Fortunately, MagRabbit has grown with its host city, constantly finding creative and innovative ways to provide high-quality products and services to a customer on a global scale. MagRabbit has consistently surfaced as a leading provider of innovative and evolutionary solutions including logistics, e-commerce, cloud technology, and mobile technology.

However, Hodinh measures success by the MagRabbit brand’s ability to develop the nurture lasting and mutually beneficial relationships. With strong development expertise, MagRabbit is intently focused on helping forward-looking organizations bootstrap their applications, especially start-up firms dedicated to turning ideas into realities.

MagRabbit and its decision to dive headfirst into app development – especially within the mobile space – is a prime example. Since 2007, Java development has rapidly surfaced as one of MagRabbit’s core specialties. Becoming proficient in robust technology like Java, the company has successfully helped clients choose the right architecture to develop advanced solutions.

As Hodinh continues to build strong customer relationships, he focuses on the growth of the business on services that best serves his clients’ needs as well as enhance MagRabbit’s expertise.

“It’s all about understanding the market, identifying clients needs and providing solutions that benefit our customers and help us capitalize our strengths,” Hodinh said. “As a result, MagRabbit now has the ability to effectively offer low cost, high quality customized solutions in the area of software application development, logistics, procurement, and IT consulting services that serve a wide range of industries in a rapidly changing global environment.”

The decision to wholeheartedly pursue custom software development was a success for a number of reasons. For instance, MagRabbit has already established a great reputation for its supply chain services by embracing and supporting its customer’s strategies. “We were able to re-engineer existing processes to adapt to the ever-evolving software business,” explained Hodinh. “We also have an extremely dedicated, hard-working team able to leverage existing skills to focus on repeatedly improving our offerings and ultimately win new clients.”

Under MagRabbit’s Global IT umbrella, Hodinh achieves his competitive advantage in custom application development to his wholly owned, dual-shore and nearshore development teams in Austin, Texas, USA and Vietnam. MagRabbit’s end-to-end solutions offer companies the opportunities to outsource components of their IT teams as well as their supply chains so they can focus on their core competencies. MagRabbit has invested in the people, systems, and technologies, and when combined with over 20 years of domain expertise, delivers exceptionally high levels of service and quality to its customer.

In creating, maintaining, and operating its MagRabbit divisions, Hodinh is diligent in making sure the firm’s processes and experienced team are second to none. All of which are part of MagRabbit’s commitment to combining experience and innovation to achieve 100 percent client satisfaction, while becoming a world-class products and services provider for companies with mission-critical requirements. “We enter each relationship with integrity and pride ourselves in being easy to do business with,” said Hodinh. “We consistently invest in human capital as well as tools to build our capacity to best serve the client. We know that having the capacity to serve our clients whenever and however they need is critical.”

Hodinh and MagRabbit have received numerous awards over the years including the Community Circle Award from the University of Texas – Austin, Best CEO & MBE of the Decade, National Asian Entrepreneur of the Year, NMSDC Minority Business Enterprise of the Year, NMDC Corporate Plus Membership, E-10 Award by Houston Minority Business Council, two times SWMDC MBE of the Year, U.S. Small Business Administrator’s Award for Excellence, the U.S. Department of Commerce MBDA Director Award as well as DELL MBE Supplier of the Year Award. Also, in 2015, MagRabbit received the MBE of the Year Award from both H.E.B Grocery Stores and the SMSDC.

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